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A Newborn Photographer's 5 Favorite Poses for Mom and Baby | West Lafayette, Indiana

Updated: Mar 6

I've been a newborn photographer for the past eight years in the West Lafayette area, and I've picked up a few tried and true favorite poses along the way. There isn't much I can control about a session (the lighting, decor, the baby's sleep), so developing a session flow and having a handful of posing options to keep in my mental back pocket help me feel grounded and adaptable during a shoot.

When it comes to mom and baby, this is a set up I want to get right every time. Here are five of my go-to poses that work in every situation.

  1. Smile and Look. It's got to be the most underrated pose these days, and yet so important to include at least one of these in your client's gallery. I like to think that years down the road, when the family is looking back over their photos, a clear, beautiful picture of mom holding her little one might just be the most cherished.

2. Rocking Chair Cuddles. So, so much precious time will be spent in this spot over the years. When you want your photography to truly hold space for a trip down memory lane, it needs to include time in the rocking chair.

3. Laying on the bed. No better pose than this one to bring out what will be the most emotive images in the gallery. It's also a powerhouse pose: I use angles from above, straight on, and cropped up close for a huge variety of sweet mommy + baby poses.

4. Shoulder Love. Another highly emotive, yet classic pose, this one is easy to pull off because it's instinctive. It's amazing how every mom has nearly identical expressions - closed eyes, face close to baby's. Sometimes I give the prompt, "just breathe in your baby", and that's all it takes.

5. Outfit Change.  If there ever was a Vanessa Stoller Photography signature, it's this one. Outfit changes are among the most mundane of newborn tasks, you don't think to savor that time. But the stiff little limbs, the grimaces, and the akward sleeves are sacred micro moments you will be so glad to remember.

Regardless of the pose, photos of you and your baby in your own home hold a special kind of sweetness that is hard to match. Hiring an experienced professional photographer is a great way to snag some heirloom quality images, and don't forget to get that iPhone out on the daily! These are the days to remember.


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