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  • Vanessa Stoller

Affordable Grid Gallery Wall

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

This past summer I decided it was time for a décor change in the living room. Something visually about that space just wasn't sitting quite right with me, and I had a suspicion it was the too-small photo gallery I had above the sofa. It needed to be bigger, make more of a statement, and I loved what I was seeing Instagram influencers doing with Crate and Barrel's Icon frames. A minimalist large-scale grid gallery with thin, black frames and thick, white mats. (Whitney J. Davis' specifically stopped me mid-Insta-scroll!)

But at $50 each, the beautiful Crate and Barrel frames Whitney used were not an option for my small budget. Instead, I scoured the internet for a more affordable alternative. Enter: frames from Michael's paired with chunky mats from Joann's. (Supply list below!) The thin, black frames had the minimalist look I wanted and the thick, white mats are what gives the visual punch. I was able to use coupons for both items, and my total was $23 for each frame. (Links and details below!)

There are so many ways to hang a gallery wall, but I did find a few things helpful:

+make good use of your level

+Command strips are repositionable the first few minutes after you hang them (life hack!)

+lay your photos out on the ground to plan the layout before they go up on the wall

+I found it is more visually appealing to have minimal space between the frames

Gallery Wall Supply List and Sources:

+16 x 20 frames from Michaels; $13.99 reg. price (these frequently go on sale, and watch for coupons)

+16 x 20 for 8x10 photo mats from Joann; $5.99 reg. price (again, these frequently go on sale and coupons are often available)

+Black Command strips; $9.99 for 16 pairs

+8x10 photos

These frames have been on my walls now for almost 6 months and are still holding and looking great! Such an easy and affordable way to update a room!

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