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Baby Meyer | Lafayette, Indiana Newborn Photography


When I asked Alyssa to describe her personal clothing/home style on her questionnaire, this is what she typed: 

"I would describe our home decor style as mid century modern, with some southwestern influence. We really like the CB2 modern style with a little bit of Arizona cactus and tribal pattern vibes."

[insert drool emoji here]

I was (obviously) looking forward to seeing this space, but not nearly as much as I was looking forward to seeing Tyler and Alyssa as new parents. Alyssa and I grew up in the same home town, we are active in the same church community in West Lafayette, and they are just, like, really cool people who I happen to adore. 

Tyler and Alyssa's house is located very close to downtown Lafayette, Indiana and they have done an excellent job of maintaining the home's character while adding their amazing desert-inspired mid-century modern touch. I especially loved the geometric mobile above Meyer's crib and the wall of special photos, prints, and memorabilia. It was easy, though, to get lost in all of the intentional objects and items thoughtfully placed around their home. It was just very...them. Curated and special. 

As for Meyer, she put up quite a fight when it came time to fall asleep, but truly she is crazy adorable when she's awake so no biggie. We waited her out and she eventually gave us just enough shut-eye to grab a few sleepy photos at the end. Alyssa wanted to incorporate a few special outfits that she and Tyler had picked out and a few others that had been gifted to them. A perfect way to make this session meaningful. 

Much of Tyler and Alyssa's nursery decor was expertly thrifted, but here are a few helpful links to inspire your own "modern desert" nursery:


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