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Baby Ozzy | Lafayette, Indiana Newborn Photographer

A curated and happy baby photo session near downtown Lafayette, Indiana with a newborn photographer.

A newborn photographer in Lafayette, Indiana. A baby is sleeping in his crib with a black dog watching.

From the minute I read Keara and Eli's onboarding questionnaire, I was over the moon about this session.

Quick note: Onboarding questionnaires come to my clients before each session. I use it to ask basic questions like your address, and also questions like, "what are your goals for the session?". It's fairly short and has been immensely helpful for planning each and every session.

For example, one of Keara's responses was,

"I would say our home is kind of a display of our quirky and eclectic tastes and experiences and our home has a lot of personality, much like Ozzy's nursery! We have things on the walls and shelves that are reflective of our lived experiences, before we met and then also since we have been together. We have a lot of photos of our travels, things that are significant to us either as individuals or as a couple. I would just describe it as a lot of personality!"

That response made me grin, and their nursery truly lived up to it all. So many beautiful, unique, and sweet mementos. Each holding some meaning. For example, there was a shelf of birthstone crystals for each family member. Several National Park references (that Pendleton Glacier Park blanket!) Nods to Purdue, the couple's alma mater, could be found throughout the room (my favorite was the baby game day bibs). A custom portrait of their goodest dog Elvis was hung on the wall. Not to mention the large cork board of ultrasound images and handwritten notes to Ozzy from loved ones. It was so easy to linger in that sweet nursery.

One of the biggest highlights from Ozzy's nursery was the really fun and plentiful references to his name, Oscar. The Oscar the Grouch poster, the vintage Ozzy Osborne record, even the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile!

And then, of course, this lovely family itself was just so special. If you stripped away their (coolest ever) nursery and had just four walls and a window, this session still would have been just lovely. Truly they are wonderful people (and a pretty great dog) and it was an honor to be their Lafayette, Indiana newborn photographer.


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