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Ensley - Fresh 48 Hospital Session

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Ah, hospital sessions might be my favorite of all. I love the mood, the emotions, the light, getting to meet a tiny human who is hours old.

While I'm here I thought I'd break down what exactly a Fresh 48 Hospital session is and what it looks like with me.

Fresh 48 is the universal term for a newborn photography session taken at some point during the first 48 hours of baby's life, when baby is still...well, you know...fresh. Usually this session is done at the hospital, but at home works too for my home birth moms.

So, logistically speaking, how does a Fresh 48 session work?

Ideally, you'd book your Fresh 48 session a few months before your due date. That helps with planning on my end. BUT, I accept bookings all the way up until due date! Reach out at any time (even after baby's already here) and we'll see if we can make it happen!

Once you've booked your session I'll send a questionnaire your way. The questionnaire will help me get to know you and clarify expectations on both sides. I'll check in with you as your due date approaches, and when little one finally makes his or her appearance, you'll let me know the good news! At that point we'll establish a time for me to come to the hospital.

I know (KNOW) how unpredictable newborns are, so if I show up to your room and baby finally gets that good latch and you need to nurse for a bit, no big deal! Nurse just came to get vitals? No pressure to hurry, I'm happy to wait! Room service finally came and you just want to eat? SO fine, enjoy your hard earned meal while it's hot! I think you get it - I am very flexible and always make it a priority to work with baby's schedule, never the other way around.

Once we're all ready to go, I'll turn off any artificial lights and take pictures of baby in the bassinet and baby with dad and mom. I will move the bassinet close to the window because hospital rooms are dark, but in a good way - it works! As long as baby is happy I'll keep moving through my shots. Then we'll take baby out of the bassinet and you will all pile on the hospital bed for your very first family picture! I'll get siblings, mom and baby, and dad and baby (dad's part of the session usually ends up on the hospital room couch - we aren't kicking mom out of bed).

When we have all the pictures (or we fill up our 45 minute time allotment) I'll be on my way. I am able to send you your gallery (both full and web sized) within 24 hours of the shoot so you have all the amazing pictures you need to spread the happy news to family and friends and all over your social platforms.

You'll receive a minimum of 15 edited images within 24 hours of our session together. Yes, really! Same day delivery of your gallery is possible in almost every circumstance. I know how excited you are to share pictures of your baby with family and friends, so a quick turnaround time is very important to me. No waiting on a flash drive - my client's password-protected galleries are delivered online where you are able to view, share, and download (full size and web sized) all in once place!

So, that's a Fresh 48! Is there a question you have about Fresh 48s that I haven't address here? Shoot email me at and we'll get a conversation started. Are you ready to book? Wohoo! I can't wait to meet you! Click here to contact me and I will be in touch soon!


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