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Indianapolis, Indiana Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Would you have guessed that this little guy DID NOT WANT TO SLEEP A WINK during his newborn session? He wasn't exactly fussy, just absolutely did not want to miss a thing and insisted on keeping those peepers open. Here's the thing about newborns: you can't just take pictures of them when they're *kind of* sleeping and expect a peaceful-looking baby in the photos. No, they look like red-faced little aliens with their limbs and fingers sticking out in all directions if they aren't out-out. So, sometimes we just roll with it and get all the alien pictures. But I was determined to win out on this one. We breaked for bottles. Used the pacifier. Had lots of snuggle time. Wrapped and re-wrapped the swaddles. Used a sound machine and space heater (usually my magic bullets). At about the 2 hour mark, little man finally fell asleep enough to get these beauties.

To be fair its not like we do nothing until baby drifts off to dream land. Take a look - I mean the pictures of him with eyes wide open are awfully precious. I'll forgive him for putting up such a fight. Newborn photos are a production, I'll give you that. But oh my, look at how worth it they are!


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