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West Lafayette Indoor Maternity Session

Annie's maternity photo session was the fruition of a long-time dream. I've been wanting to start a client closet for a long time, and just as I was about to make my first purchase, I found out this dear friend of mine was expecting. The perfect reason to play dress-up. I got the dresses ordered and we made it a date.

But I loved this session for reasons way beyond the new dresses. The giggles and together-ness between dad, mom, and boys were real and I had to do hardly a thing to prompt them. And an indoor maternity session is something that I haven't done in ages - they feel so cozy and intimate, and really refreshing change from the outdoor norm.

So, how does this client closet work? You just let me know that you're interested in using a dress when you book the session. I'll send you photos of each dress and descriptions of how they fit ahead of time, but will likely bring the entire collection with me to the session. If I don't have a dress in your size, you're in luck! We'll work together to find the perfect one for you and it will become a new addition to my closet.

Dresses not your thing? Totally fine. Using these dresses is in no way a requirement for your session.


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