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Baby Addison | Bluffton, Indiana In Home Newborn Photographer

A bright and joyful in home newborn photographer session in Bluffton, Indiana.

As a newborn photographer, it's really special to walk in someone's home as total strangers and leave feeling like friends. But it's extra special when those clients aren't strangers at all, but family! David and Victoria are family via my husband's side, and it was really great traveling to my home town of Bluffton, Indiana to visit them, meet new baby Addison, and hang out!

Just like every little boy I've ever met at this age, Addison's big brothers were full of spunk and energy. With a few tickles, promises of suckers, and the freedom granted to let them just be themselves for a bit, made for a session filled with life and smiles!

It was really sweet to see all of the little girl things in Addison's nursery, and a box full of bows in the bedroom. After having two boys, Victoria really embraced all of the girly things and had a fun time incorporating these things into the nursery. The boys seemed to be taking to having a sister really well, and it was sweet to watch them interact with her in a way that showed how they've practiced gentleness.

Overall, this light and airy newborn session in my hometown was very heart warming and I'm so glad that I got to be a part of this time in David and Victoria's life!


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