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Baby Reese | West Lafayette, Indiana Newborn Photographer

Updated: Feb 5

West Lafayette, Indiana newborn photographer. A couple and their dog sit on the floor in the nursery holding their baby.


Can we talk for a moment about how weird it is to walk in a total stranger's home, make small talk, and proceed to take very sacred and special keepsake photos, and feel forever and intimately connected with the family, all within 2 hours? I still don't understand how it happens, yet that is the way of newborn photos and I love it.

I loved Sam and Becca's West Lafayette home the moment I walked in the door. The classic, light and airy decor made finding neutral, bright spaces to work in a total dream. The light green and white nursery had really great curtains (hey, I've seen a lot of nursery curtains and now I can't not notice things like this, what can I say) I also loved the white wainscoting, baby animal prints, and white furniture.

Their dog, Bently, was such a photogenic little gentleman who posed for treats. No, really. Sam brought in the treats and Bently was all business. After awhile he associated the camera clicks with treats and hilariously came to me after every shutter click. He was the best and got laughs out of us all.

Reese continues to be one of the cutest babies I've ever seen! The grey outfit (Lou Lou & Company!) and the embroidered onesie were some special pieces that Becca had picked out. The green outfit came from my collection and it all worked perfectly into this flawless gallery.

Links to some of the amazing decor items in Reese's nursery:


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