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Baby Athen | Newborn Photographer in West Lafayette Indiana

A modern + happy newborn photo session with a West Lafayette, Indiana Photographer.

As a West Lafayette, Indiana newborn photographer, I enjoy meeting all kinds of people. But when your client is also a friend, it makes the heart feel extra full.

(Bonus: this family's darling in-home maternity session with their third baby is blogged here!)

What I loved most about this session was Annie's request to fully embrace the boy mom life and have that come through in photos. In her pre-session questionnaire (that I send to all of my newborn clients), she wrote:

"I appreciate how you capture the real life moments, which is what I want and I am confident you will be able to tell the story of my little boy tribe in a way that is worth a thousand words."

Mission accepted! I approached this session open-minded, ready to snag a few poses, but mostly with the mindset of allowing the session to unfold however felt most natural. Kade, the third boy in the family and newly de-throned youngest child, was having a bit of a hard time sharing momma with his new baby brother. But that's just the part of the gallery that's the most photogenic...what it's really like being a family in the midst of change and transition and the story that tells. The interactions and moments that naturally flow from that would be impossible for me to direct, and I'm so glad that Annie was ready and willing to let that unfold.

So here's to change and new life and little boy tribes and the exhausting beauty of loving well.


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